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25 years’ in the making… Pinot Meunier Rosé

Plot 4


Reserve Blends

  • RB|45 Blanc De Blancs

  • RB|32 Brut

  • RB|23 Rosé

  • RB|28 Blanc De Noirs


Our Wines

  • Exton Park Pinot Meunier Rosé

    Plot 4

    £95.00 View
  • Exton Park RB|45

    Blanc De Blancs

    £49.00 View
  • Exton Park RB|23


    £39.00 View
  • Exton Park RB|32


    £39.00 View
  • Exton Park RB|28

    Blanc De Noirs

    £43.00 View
  • Celebration Case

    £484.00 View
  • Discovery Pack

    £121.00 View
  • Signature Collection

    £242.00 View
  • “The first time I tasted Exton Park I was astonished. The wine has a purity, clarity, but also an intensity of flavour and uniqueness of scent I'd never come across before.”

    Oz Clark - English Wine

    “Exton Park and I share the same passion for quality, sustainability and local ingredients. Their winemaker, Corinne, mirrors the same level of precision and technique that I expect from the top chefs in my kitchens. This is why I selected Exton Park's Rosé for my restaurants.”

    Simon Rogan - 4 Michelin Star Chef

    “Peaches and strawberries in effervescent perfection. Hampshire’s greatest hit.”

    Olly Smith - ITV Wine Critic, RB23 Rosé 2021

    “Wines that are kaleidoscopically complex and exciting.”

    Jancis Robinson, 2021

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