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Sea-Aged Wine


Nine years’ in the making, this pioneering project was born in 2014 when we harvested Chardonnay from the first 20 rows of our oldest vines. Delve deeper into the captivating journey of 60 Above and 60 Below using our timeline.

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Chardonnay grapes harvested and gently pressed under nitrogen before undergoing their first stage of fermentation in tanks.


Wine from tanks bottled and kept in our temperature controlled cellar at Exton Park, 60 metres above sea-level.


One parcel of wine sent to France and submerged 60 metres below sea-level for 12 months. Remaining parcel of wine stayed in Exton Park’s cellar.


Wine that was submerged now retrieved from its underwater location and sent back to Exton Park’s wine cellar to join the rest of the wine.


Both parcels of wine were disgorged at the end of 2021. Due to the very delicate nature of the bottles that went under the sea, this parcel was hand-disgorged while the rest were disgorged by machine. After disgorgement, both wines returned to the cellar to age under cork.


Time to unveil these intriguing siblings for the official launch of the 60 Above and 60 Below Prestige Pack.

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